Sex, Romance, and the search for your next book

Because most of the booksellers, promoters and advertising platforms we need to survive are most focused on this when they’re presented with an author’s work. As result some of us are fearful of underrating the heat levels of our books 

 Authors tend to focus on ‘heat levels’ when trying to classify their books and with good reason. Ensuring your book   

 Heat goes up 

Romance goes down. 

 Clean romance  Low/No heat. Lots of Romance Evoluton of a romantic relationship between 2  or less commonly more characters. 

 Steamy and erotic romance. 

My stories somewhere on the border. So much of what happens to my characters is the result of their sexual encounters and how the rest of their world shakes out ebcasue of it. 

 In Fighting Hearts, Usalv’s sexual relationship with Louise puts his title fight in jeopardy when he refuses to abstain while training. 

 Rosalie’s refusal to confess her true identity after she has sex with Wes leaves him convinced he’s in love with her twin sister in the upcoming Wish Up On A Rockstar 

 My novels ride the border of steamy and erotic, because the pursuit of the sexual relationship drives the story forward.